2012 Home Goals

The Nester’s 2012 Home Goals Party is on!

There are two annoying, energy-sucking, emotional-black-hole-inducing issues I want to address this year.

Shock and ewww

The first issue is my hall/stairway to the second floor of my apartment. This area was wallpapered back in the ’70s and is showing the wear of people (and furniture) moving in and out. The wallpaper(s) need to come off, and the ceiling and trim scraped and repainted. This whole process is complicated by the fact that doorways have been closed off and paneled over, and the top of the stairs is curved and indented. I have attempted portions of the hall at different times only to give up in frustration and anger. 2012 is the year that changes.


The second thorn in my side is the carpet on our second floor. Again, the ’70s have called and want their mustard/brown/grey nylon tweed eyesore back. This is the year it goes! Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “2012 Home Goals

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