Using up vacation (a to-do list)

I’m still using up my 2011 vacation time, so over the next 5 days I’m continuing to work on my home to-dos. Some of these are carry overs from my January time off. This time Ima gettin’ it done.

image courtesy of Fiskars

  • bleach caulk in tub
  • Danish oil the 2 mid-century chairs
  • finish tiling the kitchen cabinets
  • paint the kitchen cupboard’s toe kick
  • finish painting the desk chair (1 more coat!)
  • finish drywall mend in the craft room
  • pay bills
  • compile and drop off 2011 taxes
  • box up books for book sales and Goodwill donation boxes
  • call Mom and Dad
  • finish vintage kitten embroidery project
  • groceries
  • get hair cut
  • manicure
  • laundry
  • make Sculpey jewelry trays
  • date day with the Catman
  • make dinner for my landpeople
  • clean all the things

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