Thrifty finds

Junk and Disorderly – one of my favorite haunts – is relocating to a new storefront. In preparation for the the move, they’ve been hosting a 30% off moving sale until the end of the month (EDIT: this weekend is their last in the old location and everything is 50% off!). This past Saturday, I went for a stroll and scored a few things.

  • The brackets will be repainted and are the base for my clothes-hanging station.
  • The fiberglass bird tray is now hanging on my front door with ribbon bow (this was one of those “one day I’m going to buy this” purchases.)
  • The aluminum molds are going to get a coat of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint.
  • The wooden bowl is going to get sanded down (purpose – yet to be determined.)

And the marble miniature of two women (I like to think of them as sisters) is on my little curio shelf in the craft room. I had been following this little piece as it moved through the store for months, and finally brought it home!


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