The junk haul

ImageHere’s what I ended up with from my Saturday junqing expedition:

From the local Catholic Church’s annual barn sale – a glass tumbler, a little creche ornament, a wooden dovetailed box, a gold lacquered bowl – grand total $3.00

From another nearby barn sale – red utensil tray, orange mini-binder (to replace mine that is falling apart), a bundle of craft sticks (I use them at work to count out hardware – similar to how a pharmacist counts out pills), and a green ironstone dish (has “hotel” stamped on the underside) – grand total $5.00

And from my favorite junqing spot (Junk and Disorderly) – two beaded chains from the 60s/70s, a Pyrex mixing bowl, two ceramic bird sculptures, and the interesting wooden cubby – grand total $15.00,

Not shown – the strawberry rhubarb pie fresh from the Parish Ladies bakers….mmmmmm!


2 thoughts on “The junk haul

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