DIY drying rack

Here’s a little project I culled together from some bits and pieces. We’ve been using our shower curtain rod too long for my liking, so I created this drying rack for the craft room. It’s actually a perfect location: the room is warm, my ironing board is already there, and it’s near our clothes closet yet out of the traffic flow.

The brackets cost me .50 total (the Junk and Disorderly moving sale from March), the shelf was repurposed from a bookcase we converted to a coat cubby, and the dowel rod was a couple of dollars at Lowes. I already had the spray paint for the brackets and the Danish oil for the dowel rod. So I achieved what I wanted for less than $4.00. Yippee!

Oh, and the box on top of the shelf houses the iron. I just covered an old beat up IKEA storage box with a road atlas of where we used to live in Maryland. Let’s hear it for Mod Podge!


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