Happy little binders

As I’ve said before, I’m a list girl. Not just a list girl, but a pen/paper/cross-it-off-when-you’re-done kinda girl. I’ve searched in vain for the perfect system to organize and maintain those lists, but everything I’ve tried ends up not being ‘perfect’. Enter the mini-binder. It combines my love of office supplies with my love of lists with my love of organization. And the mini-size is just right for slipping into my bag. Sadly, the binder I started with last year is splitting along the edges (and washi tape couldn’t put it back together again!) I found a new binder with a rubber spine and edges that should eliminate that problem, so this weekend was the transfer.

Here’s the new binder:

There is a month-at-a-glance calendar, then a page of phone numbers not stashed in my phone (pharmacy, Drs, etc). Then there are the sections, divided by lovely translucent file tabs, followed by colored file pockets (holding clippings,coupons and the like) followed by lined paper for lists. I have one labeled Style (clothes, personal care stuff),  Home (broken down into lists by room), Personal Growth (books to read, music, verses and encouragement), and Gifts (where I tuck ideas for the holidays, birthdays, etc.) This little book is my happy place!

But I couldn’t quite let the old binder go, so I re-purposed it into my bill binder: here’s the outside –

And here’s the inside –

The inside is simply 12 pockets labeled by the months of the year. When I receive a bill, I simply open it, toss all the stuff I don’t need, and file it in the appropriate pocket. Every month has a budget card that I remove from the binder and clip into my checkbook. That way I know when something is due and if I’ve paid it or not. I’ve been using this method for over 15 years and it hasn’t failed me yet. Even the CatMan knows where to look for information if he needs to check an account.

3 thoughts on “Happy little binders

  1. I have just discovered your blog through a comment you left on Chez Larsson blog and being nosey I ended up here! I have to go and make our tea now but I will be back to have a good read of your posts later and maybe pick up some organizing ideas – I am a list person too and like you always seem to find myself in the stationery store. My husband blames my addiction on the cute Post Office set I had when I was five years old!!

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