Here’s proof I’m crossing stuff off my June list.  I picked up this frame (for free!) at Junk and Disorderly a few months ago: it was buried in a stack of photos. The green paint was badly chipped, the brass corner pieces were almost black, and a fine coat of varnish or shellac had turned a crusty yellow-orangey color.  I gently pried off the brass pieces and gave them a good cleaning using this method. I sanded down the frame, repaired the corners, and then painted it with teal and light blue craft paint topped with a sheer gold glaze. After it dried, I distress sanded the whole thing so the different layers of paint would show through and glued the corners back on.

I reused the screen from my original earring frame, and now that frame is going to be transformed into a bracelet display. Here’s a sneak peek of the components…

The best part of these projects is that everything is free or from my stash!


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