Spending out: the kitchen edition

One of the concepts in The Happiness Project is the idea of “spending out”. There are many little things I just push back to the “I’ll get a new one later” list. So over the past two months, I’ve ‘spent out’ and invested in some new essentials.

The first item was a new dish drainer: I could not remember when we purchased the old one we had – it was before we moved to Vermit, so I’m guessing 20 years. Last time I was at Target, I bought this larger stainless tray for about $10.00. So happy! It fits a sink’s worth of dishes without the precarious balancing act.

During that same Target trip, I found a new toaster. My love for this toaster knows no bounds. Finally I have a toaster with wide bagel slots! And the ‘cancel’ and ‘warm’ buttons make my heart go pitty-pat (the warm button is PERFECT for Pop-Tarts which I enjoy not-frosted with a schmear of butter).

The last spend out was for a new serrated knife. With tomato season just around the corner, I wanted to be sure to have a knife that wouldn’t smush a ripe tomato. At my local Kitchen Collection, I found this beauty –
So for less than 50.00, I now have 3 items that are making me happy in the kitchen. I just wish I had spent out earlier. What should you spend out on?


5 thoughts on “Spending out: the kitchen edition

  1. I read the Happiness Project a while ago and thoroughly loved this book and your post has reminded me of the great ideas she writes about but I can’t recall the ‘spending out’ idea – so I must get the book out again and re-read.
    I often do something similar to the spend out – it has a great feel good effect and you have got me thinking now of what I might have a ‘spend out’ on – I will keep you posted!

      • I know just what you mean – I have often bought something that I know isn’t quite what I want but the best I can find at the time only to find a few months later that something better is now available and it is just what I was looking for. Then I think to myself if only I had waited and have to debate with myself whether or not to buy the better item! But as long as I can give the unwanted item to a good home – I don’t feel quite as bad – I have only spent a lot more than intended!!

  2. I haven’t seen this idea before, but I like it. I think I sort of realized this when I was selling my home last year and bought some things to stage it. The relative cost was small, and the items I bought made the house so much more enjoyable. It’s hard to find the balance sometimes, but this idea is really useful for me. Thanks for sharing it.

    • I’ve heard of the same phenomenon during others’ house stages, usually followed by the comment, “Why didn’t I do that earlier!” Ah, 20-20 hindsight!

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