Some more Pinteresting projects

Pinterest rocks my socks! Here are a couple of quickie projects inspired by some of my pins.

I am not a huge fan of dryer sheets. However there are just some times when an antistatic device (drying fleece) or a nice scent (sheets in midwinter) is appreciated. Then I found the tutorial for these dryer balls. I had leftover crewel wool from the tapestry project and thought, “Well why not?” I haven’t tried them out yet, but I’m mightly pleased with how they look. Even if they don’t work in the dryer, they may make great drawer or closet sachets.

Bobbins make me crazy! I have a little bobbin box but the loose tails don’t want to cooperate. Then I came across a tutorial for bobbin covers. Once I convinced the guy at Lowes that I knew what I was doing (he had taken one look at my armful of stuff and thought I was constructing a lunar module), I spent 10 minutes to have an amazingly neat bobbin box. I even had the forethought to cut covers for my empty bobbins.


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