More bright and shiny!

I was playing around with my jewelry crafting box again, and whipped up a few pieces. I didn’t buy anything except for the gold ball chain and the aluminum tubes (total spent – less than $5.00).

These earrings were originally flipped the other way around, and I replaced the original pearls with these milky glass beads.

I saw the idea for this shell necklace here. I used a gold paint Sharpie and strung it on an antiqued gold ball chain. PS, underneath the necklace is a sample of our new flooring (which is being installed at the end of this month – Happy Birthday to me!)

And here’s my takeoff of these bracelets. I stumped the guy at Lowe’s, but finally found the squared tubes in the ‘drawers of mystery’ in the hardware section. The leather cording was already from my stash. I think I’m going to knot the cords on either side of my wrist to keep the whole thing a little tighter together.

Now maybe I should go do actual items on my to-do list!


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