A sigh of relief!

Ah yes – remember this little post from the beginning of the year?
If not, maybe this picture will remind you of one of my major 2012 home goals.
Shock and ewww

This is the stairway leading from the 2nd floor of my apartment to the 3rd. The house is an old farmhouse, and this wallpaper had been put up about 42 years ago according to my landlord. The print wasn’t that bad to look at; it was just showing its age via the dings and scrapes of 40-years worth of residents moving in and out. My first thought was to put wallboard (wainscoting) up over the old paper, but it seems the old lathe and plaster wouldn’t support the weight of the boards. Plan 2 was to rip the paper off and repaper with paintable wall coverings. Nope. Seems the original wallpaper was not applied properly, so when it came off it brought everything – including the plaster – with it. I was stymied, mad, and depressed. I’ve lived with these walls for a few years now, and had gotten to a point  of neglecting the hall except for the cursory swipe with a mop. Then 2 weeks ago, my landpeople hired a property management company to come alongside them to do some of the work they are not capable of doing. And one of these things would be MY hall! Yippeedoo. Their idea was to paint over the wallpaper – an idea I was not in love with, but frankly anything at this point would be better, right? So here ya go:

The paint is a pale tan matte with glossy white trim. The hazy spots are where I went back after the painters were done and scraped/trimmed where some paper had raised up. I will touch those spots up later this month after my second major home goal – the new laminate wood flooring installation – is accomplished. I’m so excited to have these two major undertakings crossed off my list this year!


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