August’s thrifting treasures.

Here are a few of my yard sale finds from the big sale a few weeks ago. I got to the site at 11:00 and wowzers, it was really picked over. But I still scored some good deals:

  • This vintage flat sheet, plus an off white eyelet curtain. Both pieces have been washed and dried and added to the “not sure what I’m gonna do with it” fabric storage.
  • These 2 books (plus a third non-fiction read).
  • An American Tourist garment bag for…wait for it…$1.00. It is great condition: no musty smell, all buckles, belts, and pockets attached. I wiped down the outside, stuck a few lavender sachets in it, and it’s hanging in my clothes storage closet for our next trip.
  • A heavy-duty rectangular Sterilite plastic bin that I am using to store all my condiments in the refrigerator
  • A sterling silver ball chain

My grand total at check out? $7.00!


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