How I labored over Labor Day

Remember this?  Don’t click back, I’ll just remind you with a picture –


My new floor went in on my birthday. I told the flooring guys 1) it’s my 50th birthday and this is my birthday present, and 2) if they got here early, I would have baked goods and coffee ready. They showed up at 8:50 AM – and were done by 3 PM.

This is what my poor craft room looked like (since everything had to be moved out) –

Not pictured here are the multiple cats who have hidden in all the little nooks and crannies to avoid the noisy saws and men in big clumpy boots.  So I spent my holiday vacation cleaning everything before it went back into our living space. I love my upstairs now! There are a few little tweaks I still want to make, but that’s the fun of it!

Here’s a pic of the floor (pretty accurate on the color: it’s called Rustic Cherry). The lamp was a freebie: we were clearing out some storage space at my business and this iron beauty was destined for the dump. I took it across the parking lot to an antique store where one of the vendors does lamp rewiring. I had him upgrade the cord and plug, and install a 3-way socket (for $18.00 thankyouverymuch). The original shade was horrible: stained and moldy. So that was my challenge which I successfully conquered Friday at the Christmas Tree Shop. I can count on one hand the times I’ve been in a CTS, but this time was a charm! Buried down among the lampshades was this little ditsy print shade with olive green velvet trim. It seems someone had changed out a shade (which evidently is a big no-no there) and there she was, all by herself. The store manager gave her to me for less than $10.00 and now my lamp is well-dressed and functional (and the CatMan is happy to have another reading lamp, albeit ‘ditsy’.)


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