Summer is not the best time

To knit blankets. But now that the CatMan and I are commuting together, I knew I didn’t just want to sit in the passenger seat and critique his driving skills. My car project became this baby blanket for friends who are having a baby boy. I actually started knitting this with some heathered pink yarn I found in a benefit shop. THEN I found out they were having a boy. And that neither one of the parents where a big fan of the color pink. But being the smartypants that I am, I just had to leave a thin strip of pink edging: we’ll all get a laugh out of it when it’s unwrapped. The pattern is a simple seed stitch. I think the brown tweed yarn ties the green and pink together.

A much bigger project was knitting this lap throw. I believe I started this project back in April  and it quickly outgrew “car project” status. So I’ve been working on it Friday nights when the CatMan and I curl up for our weekly Netflix viewing.

The colors are some of my favorites (note to self – post picture of completed vintage stool with my inspiration fabric).

The pattern is a simple scallop stitch.
Row 1: knit 2 together 3x, k1YO 6x, knit 2 together 3x

Row 2 and 3: knit all stitches

Row 4: Purl all stitches.


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