Now to October 21…ready set go

I’m off for the next week. Yay! because Time Off! Boo! because when I go back to work, I am jumping back into training a new employee amid construction and general chaos. So over the past few days I’ve written out my “in a perfect world” get done list – now I’m just psyching myself up for it.


  • Finish mod-podging the maps on the CatMan’s old file cabinet, transfer stuff from plastic bins, use plastic bins for tool storage.
  • Paint the patina’d lamp (ended up buying a new lamp base)
  • Wash summer quilt and store
  • Put winter duvet on bed
  • Wash the downstairs windows
  • Paint shoe molding in kitchen
  • Pantry clean out
  • Touch up nicks on furniture
  • Start prepping the stairs for painting
  • Tub volcano
  • Look into Paperback Swap
  • Fix some jewelry
  • Finish some knitting (scarves and Eva)
  • Take pictures and blog about it all 🙂

Outside the house:

  • Drop off at Goodwill
  • Car: drop off for oil change, tire rotation, winterizing, then clean out and wash windows.
  • Lowes
  • Attend 3 seminars for management training (1 down, 2 to go)

Re-reading this, I think I need to take a nap first….

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