A (crafty) grown-up file cabinet

One project off the list! (Actually, there have been more, it’s just the first one I took pictures of!)

The inspiration is from here. The cabinet (originally a cast off from one of our old jobs) was in pretty good shape, but the sides and top were starting to chip (I blame it on living in my husband’s office for a little too long). So on my most recent trip to Junk and Disorderly I snagged some old Esso maps, and in the space of one Hulu’d episode of Saturday Night Live (Muse performing!!) Mod-Podged those suckers onto the cabinet. After letting the whole thing dry for a few days, I took an Exacto knife around all the edges to trim them up.

Sometimes I tend to take the process farther than I need to, so in this case I decided not to futz with the drawer fronts: they looked fine and I liked the contrast of the plain fronts with the edges covered in maps. The whole process was like wrapping a big present: not hard, just awkward in places.

The top drawer contains all our bill files and the bottom drawer is office supplies. The CatMan is happy that he doesn’t have to struggle with the plastic bin anymore (as seen here) and I’m happy to have a piece of ‘real’ furniture with a crafty touch!


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