Man your stations

Make that “kitty your stations”? Having a geriatric kitty, we have litterboxes on both levels of the apartment. The upstairs box is not used as frequently so when we change the litter, we usually bring all the tools upstairs then back down again. Silly, right? So this weekend, I made a litter changing station next to the upstairs box. Really for $3.00 (the cost of the scoop and dustpan/brush – I had everything else) I expect my ‘investment’ to be paid off in……like now?

The brown object on the right side of the photo is the swing-top garbage can that holds a 20# bag of litter perfectly (we’ve had this upstairs for a few years now). We recycle plastic grocery bags for the used litter, and those are inside the cabinet.

I’m just a little chagrined it took me so long to do this. 🙂


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