Word for the year – 2013

Photo: Katherine Dutiel via Google Images saved to my server


I choose “light” because of all of its different uses – these are the qualities I want to exhibit in my life and in the lives of others.
As a noun:

  • something that makes vision possible
  • spiritual illumination
  • a particular aspect or appearance presented to view
  • something that enlightens or informs
  • a set of principles, standards, or opinions
  • a flame for lighting something

As an adjective:

  • having light
  • designed to carry a comparatively small load
  • exerting a minimum of force or pressure
  • capable of moving swiftly or nimbly
  • free from care
  • having a clear soft quality

As a verb:

  • to become light
  • to take fire
  • to ignite something
  • to settle upon (alight)

As an adverb:

  • with little baggage

Do you have a word for the year?


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