February PFHR


This picture is all my “Pretty, Funny, Happy, Real” rolled into one.

1st – the Pretty. Ok they aren’t there yet, but work with me. Close your eyes and imagine the desk organizer painted a deep navy blue with orange floral stenciling. Can you see it? The hooks will be painted shiny black and the wood will get a coat of Danish oil. Pretty, right?

2nd – the Funny. No in-process shots, but me sawing an overhang on the back edge of the organizer. It really was job for a coping saw, but I had procrastinated long enough to start this project and I wasn’t about to let ‘lack of a tool’ get me down. And then there was the whole inability to fold the wood file back into the CatMan’s Leatherman tool.

3rd – the Happy. I scored both of these objects at my favorite thrift store as well as the lamp and doily in the background. I recently saw a version of the hooks at an antique outlet: the unit was slightly longer with 4 hooks and was 4x the price of what I paid for mine. Yeah, that made me kinda happy too!

4th – the Real. These projects have been languishing far too long. As with most of my projects, I get a mental picture, I purchase the supplies, and then I push off the actual start – which is usually the cleaning and prep work. I just gotta focus on that being part of the process!


2 thoughts on “February PFHR

  1. It will all be beautiful once done! Thrift store are the best for great inspiration, but like you sometimes the vision doesn’t necessarily beget immediate follow through. I look forward to the final product!

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