The fun kind of flossing

floss2Hey look! I still have a blog! Sorry about the absence: let’s just say work has been scary busy lately and I’ve just been scary.

Hopefully, there will be some crafting pictures to show in the near future, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of my embroidery floss box. The little black dishes are vintage metal tart tins that I spray painted oil rubbed bronze. The rectangular tray is a child’s baking pan which holds my extra floss bobbins as well as a small LED flashlight which is perfect for locating the needles when I drop them (sigh). I lined the bottom of the box with a piece of scrapbook paper, and there is a plastic lid that slides into the groove at the top of the box.


So what exactly IS this box? Why an old cigar display case. Here’s the bottom of the box – you can see the layout and display information. This was another one of those “dusty-corner-brush-away-cobwebs” finds. I love that the box keeps everything on one layer (no rooting around to find something) and that the plastic lid keeps it all from falling out when I set it aside.


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