The cat repository

Aka the futon. Since the bulk of our living area is on the third floor of our apartment (just the kitchen and the Catman’s office are on the second floor), we are somewhat limited on the type of furniture we can move up and down our old farmhouse staircase. So our sofa is a futon. My original thought was to replace the ancient futon mattress with cushions, but 8 months into 2013 and I hadn’t gotten very far with that plan. So, since the frame and the cover are both LL Bean, I decided to cut my losses and just go with their mattress (free shipping!) The cats approve, my butt approves, and I can cross one goal off the list.

Sidenote: we have one kitty that suffers from this skin condition (kinda icky photos – don’t click if sqeamish) so that’s why you see dropcloths in all the pictures.


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