Sick Day

I took a sick day today: I finally became infected with the cold that has been roaming work (and has already infected the CatMan). I’m sneezy and raspy, but otherwise feel OK. So instead of harrassing my coworkers with my Harvey Fierstein impression, I’m staying home and knocking off a few languishing projects.

Project one: Hanging family photos in our hallway. Um, seventeen years after moving in here. Don’t judge. See that white fire door at the end of the hall? I’m coming for you next.


Project two: Hung and accessorized the wire shelf I bought when thrifting in May (and finally painted this month). I’m still thinking about what to mount below it, but for now our calendar will suffice.
kitchen shelf

Project three: Change over bed to warmer blankets
Project four: Finish changing out summer clothes
Project five: Make Bolognese sauce and an apple tart for dinner

But first, a cup of tea!


One thought on “Sick Day

  1. Hope you feeling a bit better – my hubby has same thing so I am keeping my distance. Looks like you have been busy at home – I did the clothes swap last Monday then it got hot again here today – no wonder we are all coming down with colds the weather is swinging from hot to cold and back again.

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