Makeup Storage

I’m a makeup girl. I blame it on having terrible acne when I was in my teens (through my forties – whut?) I don’t wear bright colors: I tend to be more of ‘let’s enhance the natural look’. But my arsenal makeup stash was getting a little difficult to control. The Catty Abode doesn’t have any drawers in the bathroom, and I don’t have a designated vanity space, so I had to get creative.

A trip to Pier 1 when I was in State College last month yielded a solution: a utensil caddy basket.

Inside, there are 3 compartments. I purchased 2 square glass votives which fit perfectly into the two smaller sections. One holds all my eye pencils and mascara, the other holds lipsticks and concealers. In the larger section, I use a tall tin I already had to hold brushes and my foundation. The spaces around these containers just fit my compacts of eye shadow, blush, powder, and mirror.


The best part? The carrying handle so I can move it around if the CatMan kicks me out of the bathroom!

And if you are looking for a little beauty lift in the middle of winter, here are two of my favorite makeup/girly-girl sites – The Beauty Dept. and Maskcara.


2 thoughts on “Makeup Storage

  1. A perfect solution for you. I have a dressing table that has 3 drawers and contains all my make-up, nail varnish, hair things and skin creams – I couldn’t function without it but it is on it’s last legs now and I will have to try and replace it one day. I like your caddy idea for moving things from room to room – I have something similar for my footcare products.

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