February 2014 home goals

This month  I want to accomplish:

  • gather and take taxes to the accountant (moved to March list)
  • finish knitting the pair of socks I started in December
  • new shower curtain
  • sort and purge seasonal decorative items (moved to March list)
  • start staircase projects: specifically stain the handrail and cover the icky storage door with an MDF panel. Here are some pictures of what the staircase currently looks like. The door leads to a storage area over the apartment next to us. It is not a finished space by any stretch of the imagination, and up to a few years ago was the summer home to some bats and wasps. (I really really really hate bats: I know they are good for the environment and get a bad rap, but just…no.) Currently there is an old shower curtain liner stretched across the door to keep the winter wind from blowing through the cracks. I’m going to have my boys at Lowes cut a piece of MDF to cover the door and then caulk that sucker so nothing can invade my personal space. (BTW, whose bright idea was it to access a storage space OFF A STAIRCASE?) I’m undecided on what color to stain the handrail. I think I’m just going to grab an open can of stain from the stash and call it done.
    staircase door

One thought on “February 2014 home goals

  1. We have a similar door into our loft space and it is well sealed with a rubber seal around it so no draught gets through. Teak and Mahogany are the red brown stains, oak and pine are a more orange brown. I think you can get tester pots now or they usually have examples done on pieces of wood at the DIY stores. Hope it goes well.

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