February’s big project

The cubby of doom has been sealed off and the handrail has been stained. I had the guys at Lowes cut a piece of beadboard to size (the CatMan is psyched to use the remainder as shooting targets – unless I figure out something else first). I nailed it across the doorway (just a few nails since the wood is light) and then caulked all the way around the edges. The next day, I slapped on a coat of paint (the beadboard was already primed!) and called it done. As with most of my procrastinated projects, the actual process was 1/4 of the time I had estimated it to be in my head.

donedoorI also finished the handrail. Since it’s still winter here and I didn’t want to be stuck in the house with oil-based fumes, I rubbed on 3 coats of General Finishes water-based stain in Espresso (leftover from doing the TV cabinet.) Since one of my 2014 home goals is to paint the stairs chocolately brown, I think this stain will nicely compliment. I’m still deciding whether or not to polyurethane the handrail…but hey I’ve got to leave something for 2015!

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