This is the last time

I repeat – this is the last time I ever caulk this bathroom tub again. 2 solid days of scraping, caulking, and recaulking. My butt is sore, my knees are sore, and I’m not sure how long this recaulk is going to last. I did follow Anna’s tip and bought backer rod (which I’m sorry to say 5 of my ‘boyfriends’ at Lowes were not at all helpful with finding: one older man was just about to tell me I was wrong until I Googled it on my phone and showed him. Really dude? (And yes, Lowes was the second listing of the search) REALLY?

Um so yeah. Here are my tools of destruction – a putty knife, needle nose pliers, a razor knife, and an old toothbrush for cleaning out the de-caulked grooves. You can see where I’ve done along the outside edge of the tub.


click to make bigger

Short story about my tub: since our apartment was carved out of the house’s attic space in the late sixties/early seventies the roof of the shower/tub enclosure is sloped. The tub is standard size, but the enclosure is not, which means it is not a fiberglass shell. The walls are actually some kind of pressed wood/wallboard with a stylized marble look Formica-type coating: nice and waterproof until the coating is breached and then…well…let us not think on those things. So every time I caulk, the new caulk  inches further up the wall.

This time I had help. I think what she really liked was how her yowls echoed in the shower curtain-less bathroom.


Yep, that’s toothbrush #2

I also did around the sink and backsplash which was a piece of cake compared to the tub. While I was at it, I declogged the slow draining sink with two rounds of just-short-of-boiling water. The ‘thing’ I pulled out of the drain after the second round still haunts me in my sleep. Yes, you can thank me for sparing you a picture.


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