May 2014 home goals

Well, April turned into a wash as far as crossing off the lists. But the biggest task is done: scraping that popcorn texture off the kitchen ceiling. Now for a new ceiling color: I’m thinking a very pale minty green. May is going to be a bit hectic so I’m limiting this month’s list – priority items are crossing off the lingering projects from the previous months.

  • Finish sewing up the chair pads (from March)
  • Finish caulk and paint touchups (from March)
  • Finish sanding and staining the gable’s window ledge (from April)
  • Apply some Kilz primer on the kitchen ceiling
  • Schedule upholstery appointment for my bedroom chair

The picture above is of the ospreys that are nesting near our home. To me, spring is officially here when the ospreys come back to their ‘summer’ nests.  The CatMan and I pass about 12 nesting pairs on our drive to and from work, and we look for them every day. Our favorite time is when the parents are teaching the young ones to fly – watching them swoop and dive together is always amazing and awe-inspiring!


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