While I was gone…

Sorry for the unexpected absence! Things got crazy at work, my dad had an unexpected medical procedure (he’s ok and back home), and the heat got me way down. But I’m going into August with high hopes for a good month.

I did get some items crossed off my lists AND had an afternoon of crafting!

First, I made some jewelry – The orange necklace is just two strands of vintage beads (identical in color, found in 2 different states months apart!) combined with a gold chain from my stash. The multi-bead necklace is completely from my stash, based on this necklace I Pinned a while back. The ivory pendant I found at my local seasonal thrift store for $1.00, the bow charm and chain were from my stash.  The lower of the two bracelets was an idea I Pinned from here – the bracelet is a bit chunkier than I thought so we’ll see if it stays in this format or not.


I also redid the lampshade in our sitting area which was originally draped in a felt ball garland. Since I have another garland draped on the mirror near it, I thought I’d simplify things a bit. On a recent trip to Target, I found some ombre twine on sale (originally packaged as gift wrap): I just wrapped it around the shade in two different spots. It’s a bit of color without reducing the amount of light that comes through the shade.


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