This past weekend

I was a whirling domestic dervish! Things I accomplished included:

  • Making dinner 2 nights in a row (yeah, that’s kinda a big deal since my energy level hadn’t really been at the ‘making meals from scratch level’ for a while.) Dinners included a meatball/saute’d broccoli and shallots/cheese flatbread, and a turkey sausage/rice/spinach/tomato soup.
  • Oh, and I made chocolate chip muffins to take into work!
  • Grocery shopping
  • Finally finished touching up the kitchen ceiling paint job
  • Cleaned out the storage cubby and put the air conditioner away for the season
  • Cleaned the bathroom
  • Started my Icelandic sweater!
  • Laid down cork on my reading table-bookcase. It was so easy: I found cork adhesive sheeting (similar to Contact Paper) at Lowes (it was the only roll I saw), peeled the backing and stuck it on the table’s top. Using a pair of scissors and and an Exacto knife, I just trimmed it to fit. Then I put the scrap strip around the ceiling light in the kitchen (now I don’t have to scrape off the smudges from when I painted the ceiling!)



2 thoughts on “This past weekend

  1. Wow you have been busy – I have never come across stick on cork but sounds like a good material to have around – I could think of a few uses for it. You must show us a picture of your Icelandic sweater when it is finished.

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