Another finished object!


Like I said I’m feeling plenty perky lately, so another project made its way off the needles. This is Daphne, a top-down pullover with seed stitch panels at the bottom and top. It was a quick knit (being sleeveless and top-down does that): my mods were making the necklace narrower (instead of  binding off  40 stitches per front and back of the neck, I went 3o), and I used an attached I-cord bind off on the sleeve openings instead of letting the knit stitches roll like they do at the neck and hem.  The blocking looks pretty severe here, but I wanted to make sure the waist had a bit of definition and I wanted to lengthen the sweater overall. It worked and now I’ve got a nice little sweater to layer! Oh, one other note! Since I was using yarn that was gifted to me, I didn’t have quite enough for the sweater I was envisioning. I took advantage of Ravelry’s stash tab to find someone who had what I needed. So while the sweater wasn’t free to make, I did get the sweater I was thinking of!



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