So that’s done

Friday was my last full-time day at my job. In a very unexpected (and incredibly pleasant) turn of events, I will be working from home 20-25 hours a week for the same company. There are so many pros, and only one con, to this option that “of course, yes!” was my response. The one con? That I might get sucked back into the chaos – I’m gonna be working hard on avoiding that.

To prepare my office at home, I decided I needed a different chair than I’m currently using. Instead of buying new, I decided to swap my current desk chair with my craft room chair. However, the craft room chair had been faded by the sun and was decidedly looking two-toned. Luckily, I Pinned this tutorial. Perfect! I’ve got the fabric stash, the Mod Podge, the polyurethane, and now, the time. Meet my happy little office chair!


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