This is the 251th post I’ve made to this blog. While I may not be an avid poster, I am an avid reader of others’ blogs: my blog roll is just a sampling of what I read on a regular basis. Sadly, 2014 saw the end to some of my favorites:

Each blog closing makes my heart a little sad – just like when a friend moves away. I know the bloggers go on to bigger and better things; I’m sorry to miss out on sharing it.

I don’t plan on closing down Bright and Shiny any time soon (if anything, I hope to get back to a more regular posting schedule!) I am also hoping to find a few new friends and their blogs in 2015.


4 thoughts on “251

  1. Thank you for your kind words. I know just what you mean. For what it’s worth, our things are not bigger and better. Just different, for now. If you find some great new reads, I hope you’ll share them here.

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