One month in –

image courtesy of saved to my server

image courtesy of saved to my server

Today is one month into my new schedule of working from home. How’s it going? Finding my way, that’s for sure. My to-do list languishes and at the end of the day I wonder where my time went. I think a large part of my aimlessness stems from working in utter chaos for the past few years: my body and my mind were screaming ‘take a break, already!’

My original plan was to have the mornings to myself  and work at my desk in the afternoon. Problem with that was that I tended to enjoy ‘bed time’, surfing on my iPad, reading, and cuddling kittehs. While nothing is wrong with that, it turned into longer and longer each day. Oops! Working in the afternoon was fine, but since I was spending longer and longer lazing around, I got to work later, and then was scrambling to have everything else done by the time the CatMan came home.

I needed to address this pronto! Since the sticking point was lazy bed time, I set the goal to be up, dressed, armed with coffee, and at my computer by 9 AM. I work until 1 or 2, then the afternoon is spent doing home things. After dinner is craft time.

Stay tuned!


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