Ready for next year!

This little Santa pin was my mom’s: she always wore it at least once during the Christmas holidays for as long as I can remember. I love that he’s a ‘happy’ Santa, not scary like some (if you want to see some scary Santa pins, just search ‘vintage Santa pins’ on Etsy!) When I was home a few years ago, Mom was did a jewelry purge and I insisted Santa come home with me.
But he was looking his age: the white and black accents were almost all gone and the red was pretty chipped up, too. But his face was still cute and lovable (it appears to be handpainted on a pale pink mother of pearl cabochon.) So I mixed up my Martha Stewart jewelry enamels and went to town.  I didn’t have any white enamel, so I used a Sharpie (oil-based) Paint Pen to add the white trim back in (and make his mustache super sexy!) I’m going to let him cure a few more days, then seal the white areas with a thin coat of Diamond Glaze. Next Christmas, he’ll get to show off his makeover.


Don’t know what that errant white spot is by the hat pompom…it’s really not there.


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