Ya win some, ya lose some

First the “Win some”:
These are the Charlie Harper bird ornaments from Target’s “Kid Made Modern” line by Todd Oldham. I purchased this kit in 2012 and then it went into my I’ll-get-to-it-soon pile. Stick a fork into it: I finished them! The paints that came with the kit had long dried up, so I used permanent markers. The birds are die-cut from balsa wood so they easily take to markers; I went back over the lines with a black marker after everything had dried. The birds originally came with bases (hence the notches in the bottom); since I want to hang them on our Christmas tree eventually, I drilled a small hole right behind each head and threaded ribbon.

And then there was the “Lose some”:
Another project in the ‘soon’ pile was something I had pinned to Pinterest – Paper clay barnacles. Um, yeah…these were pretty much the only two out of 12 I made that even slightly resembled the ones on Design Sponge. I’m not sure if 1) my balloons were too big, 2) I didn’t mash up the tp enough, and/or 3) my mixture was too dry. I did salvage a few others (more like tray shapes than cups), so we’ll see after I paint and glitterize them. Stay tuned…


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