Friday Shiny: week ending February 13

So I spent the past week looking at printers and I think I finally found one with all my criteria: small, wireless, and capable of crafty pursuits as well as work documents.


Epson Expression Home Small in One printer

And I ordered some crafty cards. Several years ago, I used a business card template to make gift cards which I would attach to a fiber gift listing the materials of construction (in case of possible allergies) as well as care instructions. Since then, has come out with super cute double-sided business cards you can design yourself. You can select the format (landscape or letter, all text, text with image, different images for each card!!) So many colors! Different fonts! Use your own images or select one from their library!

Here’s the image I used for the front of my card; I created a medium purple border around the image and on the flip side I utilized pale lilac for the background with chocolate-colored font.
sunrise yarn2
I ordered 50 cards (the minimum)  to see if I like the layout I set up on the back. Once you create an account all your templates are saved, so to order more just click “reorder.” I can also use my template to make stickers, letterhead, or notecards. Crazy!

(once again – all pictures have been saved to my server; I was not compensated to talk about any of these products, and the opinions stated here are strictly my own.)


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