Stick a fork in it – March 2015

ForkNot a whole lot of finished stuff this month due to my increased work load. I’m hoping to have a lot more crafty/house projects on April’s list.

  1. Changed all my on-line security passwords
  2. Unsubscribed from 90% of the email that shows up in my inbox. This included shopping sale/coupons notices and newsletters from different organizations
  3. Edited my Ravelry account: cleaned up, labeled, and organized my projects and patterns library
  4. Knitted 3 pairs of baby socks (work still progresses on Veldt)
  5. Did a major hoe-out of my purse (which was starting to resemble Hermoine’s) and organized all my store rewards cards into a little case (upcoming post)
  6. Makeup purge: since I’m working from home, my makeup arsenal doesn’t need to be as extensive. I’m also working on using up the collection of hair products that seem to have accumulated under my bathroom sink

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