Friday Shiny – week ending April 3

We have confirmation that my niece is having a girl! Yay! The CatMan and I have been referring to the baby as “Rex” ever since my sister told me the baby’s first ‘portrait’ (ultrasound) resembled a baby T-Rex.  The CatMan is quick to point out the feminine of Rex is Regina, which really doesn’t suit as a nickname if you ask me. So now our informal nickname for her is going to be “Rexette” or “Rexie.” I have heard from other parents of baby girls that the deluge of pink items is almost too much to bear, so I promised Rexie’s mom that I would take that into consideration. Here are a few cute ideas for our family’s newest addition:

Headwraps – ACK! So freaking cute!


LillyWest via Etsy


TheMinis via Etsy

I think pink done like this would be totally awesome!


Lilly Pulitzer Infant Girls’ Baby Lilly Shift Dress via Bloomingdales

And speaking of Lilly Pulitzer – “The Queen of Pink and Green” -something like this in a true green might go a long way to de-sugaring baby pink clothing.

Baby Valentine Sweater by Helena Bristow via Ravelry

Baby Valentine Sweater
by Helena Bristow via Ravelry

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in Seedling

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine seedling via

Cascade Yarns 220 Fingering in Primavera via

(And I’ve heard that Rexie’s daddy thinks there should be some camo involved. I wonder if this would suit…)


via Google images


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