Addressing the issue

My address book was looking worse for the wear – I started it in pencil many years ago, crossed things out in pen, and then the CatMan got his hands on it so there were some pretty illegible entries. I saw this idea on Pinterest and decided to make it my own.
I didn’t want a standard 3-ring binder (we really don’t have that many addresses) so I chose the 8.5 x 5.5″ mini binder size. Using the “labels” feature in Word (under the Mailing tab), I selected a template for business cards. I formatted the cards with a blank header (for the name), “A” for address (allocating two lines), “H” for home phone number, “C1” and “C2” for cell phones (one for each spouse), and then “B1” and “B2” for their corresponding birthdays. Any children in the home can be jotted off to the side. I opted not to do an email line since those seem to change more frequently and I have them backed up on my computer. I printed the cards onto regular printer paper, cut them apart, filled them out, and then finished off the bottom of the card with a strip of washi tape to add some color.  I slipped each card into the pocket of one of these sheets. Each sheet has 4 card openings which can be viewed front and back, so in reality I get 8 cards per sheet. In the cases where a child has moved out onto their own, I just slip their card behind their parents’ card which is easy to do since the cards are printed on paper, not card stock.

I also created a “Misc” sleeve with business cards I want to keep. I had some mini-binder page protectors in which I put my work contact list and also cell phone numbers for contacts not in my address book.

To finish off the project, I used scrapbook paper and alphabet stickers to created indexes for each page. I just slipped those into the little mini pockets next to the card slots. I feel pretty confident this system will be easy to maintain.


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