Friday Shiny – week ending June 5

One of my favorite stops when we are in PA is the Street of Shops in Lewisburg. While the upstairs is interesting, I make a beeline to the downstairs – it’s like one big awesome yardsale/thrift store.


Here’s this trip’s haul:

  • Orange crewel wool (because I’m trying to finish projects and I didn’t have enough orange for one of the canvases. Of course, I wasn’t sure which shade of orange, so I just bought a bunch). $4.00 for all
  • A lacquered paper mache tray (this now makes the 5th one I own, so I guess I’ve got a collection?) – $4.00
  • A vintage wooden shoe brush (in great condition) – $3.00
  • An oval embroidery hoop (I’m a sucker for the oval ones) – $.50
  • 3 pretty handpainted watercolor bookmarks (2 of which will be gifts) – $1.50 each
  • And the score of the trip: a wooden standing picture frame for $2.50. My plan is to refinish the frame and then get a piece of mirror glass cut at Lowes.

So for less than $20.00 and 1 hour in the store (to keep the CatMan happy and us on schedule for other events), I don’t think I did too badly at all.


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