She’s making her appearance

By the time this is posted, Miss Rexie will have made her appearance! I am so excited to meet her but will have to wait a few more weeks 😦

It’s going to be more than a few weeks until she’s ready to wear these sweaters! I decided to go ‘cap sleeve’ on both of them; it’s so hard to judge what is long enough/too long on a little one’s sweater, so I just cut it right out of the equation! I also opted to change the full front button closure to just a fastener at the top (again, who wants to pin down a squirmy baby to close up a sweater?) The green sweater (with matching headband!) is a hearts lace pattern and the grey sweater is a garter stitch yoke with a stockinette body and both are washable.

I think my next Rexie knit might be a Christmas sweater. Hmmmm..


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