And the finished stuff just keeps coming!

Remember this? outside
I found this vanity case a few years ago at a community yard sale. It took me a few months get around to cleaning it and then spray painting it avocado green.

And it’s been in that state in my craft room ever since.

In the spirit of this year’s word, I vowed this would be the summer I finished it! I used my Martha Stewart jewelry paint to paint most of the exterior metal trim poppy red, then applied one of my favorite washi tapes to the band between the lid and bottom of the case.

And then it became my sewing basket! The bottom of the case is home to all my sewing machine paraphernalia, including the foot pedal. The top tray is perfectly divided for little things like elastic, needles, and novelties like belt buckles.

In case you are wondering where some of the more common sewing basket items might be: my scissors are in the drawer of my craft desk and all my thread is on a spool organizer hung on the wall.

And yes, that is my very own Village Bath Lip Licker tin holding hook and eyes, as well as snaps. Even as a teen, I was all about repurposing cool little containers. Don’t remember Lip Lickers? Here ya go!


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