The Bubble

So here’s a little glimpse into my office bubble. I shared last month that I’m back working on-site and part of that transition was that I would have my own office space. I was given an office back on the manufacturing floor; it’s a pre-fab room with no outside windows, but I do get an air conditioner (hormonal me is ecstatic) and a window overlooking the machine shop. The office is located next to the person with whom I’ll be facilitating projects, so the location makes sense.

This is my desk space: note the lamp!

Across from the desk is a small table with another Habitat ReStore lamp. This table also is home to a scented soy candle (because it makes the space a little less sterile) and – not pictured – a plant.The wall art is a Rothko print that has moved around several offices and homes during its life with me. There is also a piece of thrifted crewel work (another Goodwill find) and two small pictures that are excerpts from a botanical coloring book I’ve been working on. Draped on the back of the side chair (yep, also from ReStore!) is a cotton rag rug I’m using to comfy things up!
from desk

This last picture is immediately to my right as I sit at my desk. I don’t think the refrigerator is a permanent fixture (it’s not mine), but I am currently using the top as a hot beverage station. There are some K-cups, tea tins, mugs and saucers, and other drink paraphernalia arranged on a tray. The wall display is made up of thrifted items from my local community thrift shop.

I’ve gotten a lot of positive comments from my co-workers – everyone seems to like the homey, personal vibe. As I’ve been telling them, I might not be working from home, but at least I can bring home to work with me.

Still to do: figure out a place to hang my heavier winter coat, find another thrifted side chair so I have two for my table, and something to hang on the wall over the refrigerator.

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