Fall Style

Last year when I started working from home, I severely pared down my fall/winter wardrobe. Now that I’m back working on-site, I’ve got a little rebuilding to do. Since I’m no longer working on the shop floor, I can upgrade my clothing to more classic pieces, including dresses (which I love to wear).

A few weeks ago, I was in a local Goodwill and found this Eddie Bauer olive green suede barn coat in perfect condition for $8.00. I was more than a little Gollum-like in taking ownership of it.
green jacket

Now I’m a-looking for dresses –


A simple sheath dress to dress up or down (Lands’ End). I love this color!


I’ve mentioned before how much I like the sleeveless shift dress: jacket or cardigan over or blouse or turtleneck under. (Lands End)


A pretty shirtdress on sale at J.Jill.


A timeless knit wrap dress in a navy/camel print. (Eshakti)


And we all know how much I love a good floral! (Eshakti)


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