Friday Shiny – week ending October 9

Since this week appears to be the Style Issue of Bright and Shiny Objects, I’ll finish it out with my current distraction: brown boots. Oh, not just any brown boots…nosireebobcattail. The boots of my dreams would be brown suede, knee-high, low-heeled, wide-calfed, with a red zipper up the back (or side). Ayep. Good luck with that.


These boots from JJill are are brown suede, knee high, and low heeled, and best of all – on sale. But out of stock in my size.


These Brinley boots tick ALL the boxes except being suede. And not made of leather. I’m not sure how they would hold up to a VT winter.


These Naturalizer boots only tick the low-heeled, wide-calf boxes. But they are leather and under $100.00. And I still think I could wear them with dresses.


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