Jumping in.

Ok, I’m doing it! Fair Isle here I come! My goal is a Christmas stocking for Rexie: something small enough to use up some stash yarn and a deadline to be challenging. My idea to make it big so I can felt it to close up the holes and general warbly-ness that colorwork can generate as well as to create something that will be durable through the years. (I’m also thinking about the possibility of lining it with velvet when I’m done and if time allows!)

Here are some inspirations from Ravelry (click on pic to go to the Rav page)-


Fair Isle Stocking by Patons


Gift Wrap by Judy Tollefson


Thursday’s Stars also by Judy Tollefson


Hearthwarming Stockings by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence

Right now, I’m leaning toward the last one. The pattern has two design versions; hearts/bows and stars/plaid. Gotta admit, I’m a sucker for the hearts. And that little monogram? Must. have! Off to raid my stash!


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