Stuff that got knitted while I was gone

For Rexie:

A pair of legwarmers in a burgundy baby alpaca. I modified the pattern by adding a ruffle on each piece; I thought it would be a cute detail if she wears them with just a onesie.

The Fair Isle stocking: The toe didn’t felt properly at all so I cut it off and closed the opening with a whip stitch.  To finish the stocking, I lined it with a piece of olive velvet from the stash and used a wooden ring as a hanging loop. It was a lot of fun to knit and it’s gonna hold a ton of prezzies (for which Rexie will love me when she gets older!)

inside rexiestocking

And finally, this hat in a light blue tweed. It just fits Rexie now, so I’m going to cast on another one in the next size up.

For me:

Big Rubble is almost done, and after that, I’m thinking Imma need some boot toppers.

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