Winter comfort

Here are two items – though small – are making a huge difference in my comfort levels this winter.

The CatMan has been having some sinus issues, so he wanted to try a humidifier. We had a cool mist one a few years ago and it never seemed to do the trick, plus it was a hassle to deal with the filter. So this time around, I went with a warm mist, filterless system. It’s relatively quiet (except for the occasional gurgle) and pretty unobtrusive. So much so I didn’t think it was doing much, until I didn’t use it for two nights when the CatMan was away. After getting up with sinus headaches for those two mornings, I’m a believer!


Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier photo via Target.

The second item is strictly for me: a new pair of slippers! So comfy and warm without being foot-stifling (and yes that’s totally a word!)


Clover Moccasin Slippers photo via Target


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