All the blankets

Recently Mason-Dixon Knitting had a giveaway (nope, didn’t win that one) and they asked their readers to comment about blankets we had knit.  That question sent me down the rabbit hole of my archives where I unearthed photographic proof of my blanket production.

My first blanket (1) was for my grandmother when she went into a nursing home. The yarn was alpaca and was knit with one strand of burgundy and one strand of pink held together. It was just shy of twin-sized and very cozy – just what I wanted it to be to keep her warm without a lot of weight.
GH finished

It was quite a few years later when I knit my second blanket (2). This one was for the CattyAbode and it was a scalloped lace pattern knit in an acrylic blend. This one was all about the color blocking.

After that one, I quickly knit up a seed stitch baby blanket (3) for friends who were having a little boy. I couldn’t resist putting a pink border on one edge – Dad was into camo/hunting/the outdoors, and I wanted Mom to have a little relief from all the green and brown she was destined to live with.

I was starting to amass quite a few partial skeins and saw this pattern which I thought would be a perfect way to stashbust. My father is constantly cold (I think there are 3 weeks in July where he doesn’t wear long johns), so he became the recipient of this blanket(4).

And then Rexie’s impending arrival was announced so I stashbusted all my sock yarn to make a car seat/stroller blankie (5).

All this reminiscing made my fingers itch to start another big ol’ rectangle! So I’m doing a little mash-up: I’ve got a twin-sized (#1), acrylic blend (#2), seed stitch (#3), random stripe (#4) blanket on the needles for Miss Rexie ( #5). Pictures to come soon!


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