Friday Shiny – week ending July 1

Oh, another thing that happened while I was off-blog was a phone upgrade. Seems the CatMan’s phone was still 2G  which becomes inactive at the end of this year (and yes, it was a flip phone.) So on my day off, I visited our local AT&T store to check out options. Back when I got my Go Phone (at least 5 years ago, I think), you could only get the phones online and the actual storefront (at least here) was a bit snooty about no-contract phones. However our AT&T plans have treated us well, so I decided that I would brave the snoot to address the upgrade. Wow, big difference this time around.

The service staff could not have been more pleasant or more fun to deal with AND they had a complete selection of no-contract phones in stock at the store. No hard sell, no snootiness, no drama. We enjoyed talking about streaming shows, and Netflix vs. Hulu. In fact, I was so pleased by my experience, I upgraded MY phone right then and there. I chose the Samsung Prime Express. The only thing that wasn’t available at the store was a girlie hard case, but Amazon to the rescue. I picked out a rose gold case with little rhinestones embedded in the back. And because I’m a 14 year old girl in a menopausal body, I had to order the little rhinestone fox dust plug.
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

And yes, the CatMan got his upgrade too! And yes, it’s still a flip phone. Bigger and beefier with 4G.

(This post was not sponsored or acknowledged in any way by AT&T, Samsung, Amazon or any other company noted above. I am just happy to relate the positive experience I had!)


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